Violin for sale

The violin that my mother purchased from Luthier Rosenthal in New York in 1967 and played in the Rochester Philharmonic has been in my possession for more than twenty years, except for periods on loan to colleagues or students at the Bard Conservatory of Music. The label reads Carlo Ferdinand Landolphi 1750, but present-day experts are unsure of its origins—Italian or Tyrolean for sure, late 18th or early 19th century, but not attributable to any known maker with certainty. Regardless, it has a beautifully resonant "Italian" kind of sound, and has been admired by a number of fine players.

Here it is in action, played by one of the Bard students: Sibelius concerto and also Bach chaconne (!)

This violin is not of much value to a collector because of its lack of clear provenance, so it can be thought of as a "player's instrument." I think $40,000 would be a fair price for it. If interested, please contact me using this form.

Photos and a description with measurements are below.


Following is text excerpted from an appraisal by William L. Monical, November 1995

A Violin of Tyrolean origin bearing a reproduction Landolfi label is original in all aspects and is in a very good state of preservation. The table of spruce in two pieces cut on the quarter bears a medium fine grain broadening gently toward the flanks. The back of maple in two pieces cut on the quarter bears an irregular medium fine gently ascending figure. The ribs are of similar maple. the grafted maple neck is terminated in an original peg-box and closed scroll with two volutes.

Principal Measurements in Centimeters:

Body Length 35.3
Body Width:
upper bout 16.4
center bout 11.3
lower bout 20.2
Rib Height:
top block 3.2
center bout 3.2
bottom block 3.0
Vibrating String Length 32.3