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Man does not live by oboe alone (or would go crazy if he tried, some do)—over the past few years my computer fetish has led me into making web sites, and recently this has generated a little income in the form of contract work for our son-in-law's deluxe tech enterprise Beehive Media and for a few clients of my own. The most recent sites have been done with "content management systems" such as WordPress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine, which offer remarkable flexibility of design and function while allowing clients to enter and update their own material. Here are some screenshots of recent projects—click on the images to visit the actual sites:

Tufts CSDD Home Page

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (ExpressionEngine)

Abigail Karr, violin (WordPress)

Berkshire Bach Society (WordPress)

hautboy.org—my early-oboes information site (Drupal)

New Center for Arts and Culture (ExpressionEngine)

danielberlin.net (WordPress)Artist Portfolio Site

Betsy Bassett Interiors (WordPress)

Joel C Robinson Historical Woodwinds(HTML, not a content management system)

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